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Yoti and CitizenCard have teamed up to launch the UK’s first digital identity card. It’s police approved and can be used to create a digital identity with the free Yoti app.

We believe everyone should be able to prove who they are. That’s why we’re giving free digital ID cards to young people through universities, colleges and secondary schools in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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Equal opportunities
for all

Without an ID, young people are being socially excluded, overlooked and left behind – unable to easily apply for jobs, housing, bank accounts, and even give blood. It’s also harder for them to get the age related discounts they deserve and take part in social activities like going to the cinema or going on a night out.

The UK government is adding more and more scenarios where we need to prove our identity. Buying drain cleaner, energy drinks, voting, accessing adult content online. The list goes on.

Money and age shouldn’t be barriers to proving who you are


is the price of a passport to under 16s (£75 for adults)

(, 2018)


is the price of a UK driving licence that under 17s can’t use

(, 2018)


spent on replacing driving licences in 2017

(DVLA, 2018)


of people have a driving licence and 74% have a passport

(, 2018)

ID should be voluntary,
affordable, private
and digital.


An ID should help someone to take part in society if they choose to.


Money shouldn’t be a barrier to proving who you are.

Age checks

Your identity should not be used as a way of tracking you.


In today’s world we need to prove who we are online and in person.

Over 25 universities, colleges and schools already signed up

Free digital ID cards will only be distributed at participating universities, colleges and schools from September 2018.


Can’t wait for a free card?

CitizenCards are normally £15 but you can get a discounted Yoti CitizenCard for just £9


ID should be: Affordable • Private • Voluntary • Digital

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